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The Cincinnati Revolver Club Welcomes all Target-Load Shooters of Revolvers,
Semi-Automatic Pistols, Small-Bore Rifles, and Air Pistols.

The Cincinnati Revolver Club is a Bullseye Shooting club ONLY! If you're looking for a place for casual shooting we recommend any of the commercial shooting ranges available in our area.

Welcome to the Web Site of the Cincinnati Revolver Club.

The Cincinnati Revolver Club provides its members with an indoor range and club house equipped with a multitude of amenities! 

Our members come from many areas in and around the Ohio, Kentucky, & Indiana Tri-State area. They all share a common interest in many aspects of the shooting sports, including:

  • Smallbore and centerfire 'target-load' pistol shooting
  • Informal match events as well as sanctioned competitive match events on a local, state, or national level
  • NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program
  • Reloading & ballistics
  • Firearm safety training and education programs.

Information about Bullseye Shooting is available HERE.

All membership information is available on the Membership Pages, please make additional inquiries about joining CRC to our Membership Director.

The Revolver Club History

This history is based upon interviews conducted in 1997 with Bob Compton & Richard Runck (members since 1939).

The Cincinnati Revolver Club (CRC) was founded in 1908 as a social club for revolver and pistol aficionados.  One of the founders of the CRC was Brendamour of the former Cincinnati store chain.  The CRC was originally hosted in the basement of the Brendamour store on Sixth Street in downtown Cincinnati. 

In 1919, the CRC helped build a 16-booth 50 foot range in the basement of the Alms Hotel in downtown Cincinnati.  The club moved its range to the Cincinnati Gas & Electric facility in Hartwell.  However it was the determination of members listed below to build a dedicated 20-booth indoor range.  In 1965 members gathered for the inauguration of the CRC's permanent facility in Cincinnati.

A partial list of the members who made our dedicated indoor range possible are: Bob Gordon, Glen Thorn, Bob Rubindunst, and George Flynn.

The W. Howard Cox range was inaugurated by a .38 Special revolver aimed by W. Howard Cox, an outstanding member of the community.  Today we are over 150 members strong and enjoy the matches, camaraderie, frequent social gatherings, and a strong membership roster of the community.

The Cincinnati Revolver Club hosts the Bullseye matches at the CRC range from October to May.  We also manage the Bullseye matches during the summer-season at the Fairfield Sportmen's Association outdoor pistol range.

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