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CRC Covid19 Information:

The Board of Directors of the Cincinnati Revolver Club has approved opening the range,
beginning May 1st with the following restrictions:

· If you are sick or have been sick – do not go to the range!
· Members only, no guests at this time
· Wash your hands after entering the range
· Sign in
· Shoot

Maintain an open lane between each shooter (social distancing)

· No more than 6 shooters allowed in the range at a time
· This allows for a shooter on lanes 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 10
· If more than one shooter is inside – it is recommended that all wear a mask,
(bring one if in doubt if others are going to be there)
· When finished Wipe down the booth you used with sanitizer (it will be on the shelf by the kitchen)
· Also wipe any table space that you used
· Wash your hands
· Sign out

CRC Information

The Cincinnati Revolver Club is a Bullseye Shooting club ONLY! If you're looking for a place for casual shooting we recommend any of the commercial shooting ranges available in our area.

The Cincinnati Revolver Club offers indoor Bullseye Shooting all year round, a modern building designed for pistol and revolver shooters, a target transportation system, electronically controlled turning targets for timed and rapid fire competition, and comfortable club room for adding up your score with your shooting companions, with refreshments available in their kitchen. 

The current activities that the CRC hosts for members and guests are:

  • Air Gun match
  • 1800 Point Match (NRA Sanctioned)
  • Warm-Up Match
  • NRA Sectionals
  • City Championship, Weekly Handicap League, Revolver Match

Here are several pictures of our meeting hall, overall range, and a photo from one of the acoustic booths. Click on the images for a larger view.


Cincinnati Revolver Club
4951 Winton Ridge Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio 45232


Click Here for a Location Map & Driving Directions