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Bullseye Shooting

The Cincinnati Revolver Club is a Bullseye Shooting club ONLY! If you're looking for a place for casual shooting we recommend any of the commercial shooting ranges available in our area.

Bullseye Pistol is a very difficult shooting sport.  So difficult, no one in the history of the sport has shot a perfect score in a 2700 point match! The current record is 2680 159x by HL Anderson in 1974.    It is a mental game and a physical game. The majority of the national champions are either military or ex-military where these folks are afforded the opportunity to practice all the time with unlimited ammo and with great coaches. Does that mean only military trained shooters can win the Nationals? No, a few civilians have won and certainly anyone who puts in the time and effort has the opportunity to win.

This sport is all about precision shooting with a bit of emphasis on speed in the sustained fire relays (Timed - 5 shots in 20 secs & Rapid - 5 shots in 10 seconds). Depending on which pistol sport you compare it to, a Bullseye target (the scoring area) is smaller than the "10 ring" on their targets and we shoot at 25 yards indoors or outdoors at 25 and 50 yards, whereas they may shoot at only 20 feet.  I am not knocking the other shooting sports, they have their challenges too but more in speed and power, not accuracy.
A lot goes into a winning combination in this sport.  You have to have good guns that are reliable and accurate.  The ammo is critical and most shooters reload their own to help with cost control and quality control.  While equipment is very important to achieve high scores, much more of the burden is on the shooter.  The best gun in the world isn't going to magically make you a Master or a High Master. For some sort of "scale" to emphasize the importance of the shooter versus the equipment, the shooter contributes 80% to the score and the equipment is 20%.   

What motivates Bullseye shooters to compete in a sport where "perfection" has thus far been proven to be impossible?  Prize money is only a token, even at the Nationals level.  Trophies are always nice to have, they are a confirmation of accomplishment and achievement but are seldom issued anymore.  So what is it that drives us so hard to chase the impossible goal? 

Maybe it's just the satisfaction of doing something that most everyone else can't, and of course the FUN!!!

One question often asked by a beginning Bullseye shooter is, "What kind of gun do I need to shoot Bullseye?" We have examples of the perfect firearms to start Bullseye shooting in the following link...........



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